Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dividend Income: January - May Catch-up Post!

    So since I'v only recently started this blog and also having only really gotten my portfolio going since January I shall do one 'big' month by month catch-up post on my dividend income thus far. Going forward I'll do a monthly posting. I know its one of the aspects of my portfolio that I look forward to during and at the end of the month to see how much money iv made not working! On other blogs as well I always love seeing how people's portfolios have grown in income from the previous year.

Dream Office REIT (D.UN)     $4.11
Algonquin Power (AQN)          $7.57
BCE Inc (BCE)                         $4.66
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)     $3.72
Scotia Mutual Fund                  $1.17                * Sold off in Febuary.

Total:                                        $21.23

National Bank of Canada (NA)   $2.76
Pembina Pipeline Corp   (PPL)   $1.26
D.UN                                           $4.11
Ishares 1-5yr Gov Bonds (CLF) $.06
Canadian Oil Sands (COS)         $5.25     * Sold off in May

Total:                                           $13.44

PPL                                           $1.26
Pizza Pizza Royalty (PZA)       $1.33
D.UN                                         $4.11
CLF                                           $.56

Total:                                         $7.52

D.UN                                         $11.39     *Bought more shares
AQN                                          $7.57
BCE                                           $4.94      *Dividend raise! Wooot!
PPL                                            $1.26
PZA                                           $4           *Bought more shares
BNS                                           $3.84      *Dividend raise again! Woot! 
CLF                                            $.64        *Bought more shares
Toronto Dominion Bank (TD)  $3.76

Total                                          $33.82

NA                                            $2.76
BMO Cdn. Div ETF (ZDV)     $.25
D.UN                                        $11.39
PPL                                           $1.26
PZA                                          $4
Royal Bank of Canada (RY)    $4.97
CLF                                          $.61      *Minor payment variance
COS                                         $5.25
H&R REIT             (HR.UN)   $5.63-1.68=3.95       *Mistake on my part, wasn't eligible and so paid withholding fees, needed more/thorough research! Woops! Have since sold.

Total                                      $34.44

Year to Date(YTD)               $111.38

    June is looking to be a fairly light in dividends, with only my monthly paying companies and ETFs paying out this month. Still, by my Excel spreadsheets calculations as it stands my portfolio should by next month be paying out $29.43 every month, with an averaged monthly payout of $41.13, and given a full year a current potential payout of $493.54! That's a week and a bit of minimum wage work for free!

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