Monday, 23 June 2014

My Blog Plan Moving Forward...

So as I have only just started actually writing the posts, I have been thinking for some time on what I would like to publish here. So over the next little while I would like to cover/ put up the following things:

1) My portfolio goals and basic reasoning behind how I go about getting to them - Done!

2) Simple ways to use Excel for tracking and researching - In the works! 1/2 Completed

3) Put up my monthly expenses/income(including monthly dividend payouts) which I have saved from a few months back, and on an ongoing basis post those changes monthly. I'v always loved going to other bloggers sites and seeing their monthly dividends going up! - Done!

4) My views on using RRSP's, TFSA's and taxable accounts. i) for youth/younger people like me ii) and for those nearing retirement, such as my parents.

5) Figure out a consistent and appealing formatting structure for my posts... - Ongoing!

6) And last, to perhaps make this a quarterly feature(or more) where I outline topics I want to cover, and get input from readers on what they would like me to research and post about :)


  1. Welcome to the dividend blogging community. Look forward to seeing and tracking your progress with your income/expenses and dividend stock portfolio.

  2. Hi DivHut! Thanks for stopping by! I tried posting earlier but was having trouble doing so, had to disable a few addons and fiddle with settings. Im looking forward to posting all those and much more. At the moment just adding general posts, but I'm looking forward to putting together more in-depth and topic orientated posts as well.

    Hope to see you again!