Monday, 30 June 2014

June 2014 Dividend Income

    So another month has passed and as expected this month was fairly light on the dividend income due to having no quarterly payouts from my investments. However I did receive the following monthly distributions:

Dream Office REIT (D.UN)     $11.39
Pizza Pizza (PZA)                    $4
Pembina Pipeline (PPL)          $1.31
BMO Cdn. Div ETF (ZDV)       $.93
Ishares 1-5yr GovBond (CLF) $.64

Total                                          $18.27

   So overall I got $18.24 in distributions this month, or almost two hours of minimum wage work for holding onto these stocks. For next month, I should be receiving approximately $3.34 from PPL, $1.61 from ZDV since I have since added to my position in that company and ETF, but did so after their ex-dividend dates so i missed out on their payouts for this month on my new shares.
   Also for next month Veresen will start paying me approximately $8.16 every month from July on and will help these 'off' months where no quarterly payouts are received. I really do favour the consistency of having monthly distributions to smooth out my second income stream from my portfolio. Its now reaching a point where even if I have no money to invest into my TFSA brokerage account, I am now able to buy one or two shares of an ETF. It may be slow, but its always better to be able to move just a little forward and being able to add to dividend income even just as little as a few cents at a time is all that can be managed.

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