Thursday, 9 February 2017

December 2016: Dividend Update!

    The final dividend update for 2016! Another quiet month of stable dividend income, coming out the same as the previous comparable month. With the help of my slightly larger Manulife position, the total dividends hit $104.36, nicely over the $100 mark!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

November 2016: Dividend Update!

    Another quick update on a fairly calm and steady month of dividend income. Novembers only increase in dividend income was from a payout increase from the Royal Bank of Canada. And I am happy to accept another 80cents a quarter with no additional work on my part.

October 2016: Dividend Update!

    Just getting in a quick dividend update from October 2016. The first of a quarter is always makes for a good month of dividend income for me, with this months being no different. Had a slight increase from the previously comparable month due to a small fluctuation in the foreign exchange rate between Algonquin's USD dividend and Canadian funds which my portfolio trades in.