Sunday, 28 June 2015

June 2015 Dividend Update!

    June falls in line with one of my more passive months. Where dividend income pretty much just comes from my consistent monthly paying companies. They create the steady base of my overall yearly dividend income, which currently stands at an estimated $1,426 over a full year! The month was also boosted a little by Suncor, adding its quarterly $5.60. So far, even with the drop in oil prices from last summers $100 per barrel Suncor has kept its dividends coming, unlike some other oil companies who have had to cut their payouts.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Portfolio Update: As of June 1

    Just a quick update on the status of my portfolio as of the beginning of June. Since my last update at the start of April I have since added to PPL and D.UN. The value of my portfolio from the April 6th update to June 1st has risen by $3,121. Which is in part to additional contributions on my part, as well as some gains in the stock prices. Unfounately since the June 1st my portfolio and the TSX in general has been down a fair bit. On the flip side of course is some of my core positions; banks, reits and pipelines are on a 'discount'!

CompanyTickerSharesCurrent PriceBook ValueMarket Value% P/LEst. Yearly Div'sPortfolio %
Algonquin PowerTSE:AQN370$9.65$3,181$3,57112.24%$144.6712%
Bank of Nova ScotiaTSE:BNS46$65.88$2,901$3,0304.46%$125.1210%
BMO Cdn. Div ETFTSE:ZDV45$17.14$816$771-5.53%$23.763%
Dream REITTSE:D.UN119$26.03$3,279$3,098-5.54%$190.7411%
RioCan REITTSE:REI.UN80$28.01$2,278$2,241-1.63%$112.808%
Ntl. Bank of CanadaTSE:NA6$48.69$267$2929.42%$12.001%
Pembina PipelineTSE:PPL70$40.12$2,893$2,808-2.92%$40.0210%
Pizza Pizza Corp.TSE:PZA140$14.18$1,970$1,9850.77%$112.067%
Royal Bank of CanadaTSE:RY40$78.83$2,998$3,1535.18%$123.2011%
Toronto Dominion BankTSE:TD44$54.20$2,348$2,3851.57%$89.768%



Current Return1.93%

Weighted Avg4.39%

Saturday, 13 June 2015

May 2015: Income & Expenses

    The month of May is over and done with, and all the money that came in through work and dividends are in, as well as all the money I spent as well! I am happy to report that I have once again managed to spend less than I made, resulting in a nice little savings rate of 16%. Not too shabby for renting a place and working on near minimum wage if I do say so my self.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Recent Buy! May 2015 (2)

    Drawing off of my last Watchlist I went ahead and purchased an additional 34 shares of Dream Office REIT (D.UN). I bought the shares a few days ago at a price of $26.05, which at the time had a dividend yield of 8.56% and brought the average cost of my position down to $27.56. Now, unfortunately the price of Dream shares has gone down even further to $25. So had I held off on my purchase I could have bought an additional share had I waited, but then again you can never truly know which way the market was going to go.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

May 2015 Dividend Update!

    With the ending of the month close at hand, I have received the last of the dividends I expect to get. While May might not have been a record breaking month like April's $144, I have seen my dividend income steadily increase month over month and am extremely happy to be so fortunate as to have and be able to continually invest money over time.