Sunday, 30 November 2014

November 2014 Dividend Update!

    November has been a busy month for me, yet it felt like a long one as well. Now that December is about to begin I'm sure that the month will go by very fast as its Christmas time, which means lots of shopping and running around! However its nice to know that dividends will be landing in my account in a nice, consistent and orderly fashion that requires no effort on my part.

    This month brought in a nice amount of income, primarily through my monthly payers though. My total dividend income was $37.59, quite a bit less than last months record of $63.54, but then again October had the majority of my portfolio paying out that month. Although it is a slight increase 14cents from the previous comparable month.

Recent Buy! November 2014

     So this month, with a combination of adding some fresh capital to my Questrade Account, redeploying dividends and selling my iShares Canadian bond ETF(CLF) I was able to buy a decent position in Rio-Can REIT, which was on my last Watchlist. I bought 28 shares @ $26.99. Also with some left over cash and an additional dividend payment I purchased 1 share of ZDV @ $17.84.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blog Pan: Update 3

   Hi everyone! I'v been fairly busy the last few weeks and have been trying to work on a few articles/posts. This weekend I hope to have a new Recent Buy post done as I initiated a new position from my last watchlist. I am also working on a couple articles, one on the benefits of and why I have my portfolio in a Tax Free Savings Account(TFSA) and using Dividend Re-Investment Plants (DRIP's). Both of those are fairly close to being done, but need some final touches and some more research, TFSA facts can be a bit hard to nail down definitively, and the wording on the Canada Revenue Agencies website is not always clear...

    From my last blog plan, I would like to follow though on the second part of the Excel tutorial, which considering I have also started using Google Document/Spread will try to incorporate them together. Many of the formula's are the same, or at least very similar in execution. Google Spreadsheets also have some great benefits such as being able to have updated stock ticker info :)

    Following up on the previous outlines on what I would like to do, so far I am quite happy on my current formatting of posts, more detailed and concise Income and Expense tracking. This month I was able to make a purchase again, but I would still like to do a review of my previous watch list companies to track their performance and reminisce over 'what might have been', perhaps in a similar format to how Business News Network (BNN) shows its guest speakers past picks results.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Next Buy Watchlist: Nov. 2014

    This month I may have some extra capital to add alongside of my dividends for a smaller purchase. Depending on just how much cash I have to spare, I may end up only adding a bit to my exchange traded fund ZDV; which is still trading a fair bit below my current cost basis. Other than I am looking to adding to my current positions of my 'core' companies in the portfolio; particularly positions which haven't bounced back as much from the pullback in October and/or represent smaller holdings within the portfolio. Most likely the purchase would be of BNS, RY or NA.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Portfolio Update: November 3rd 2014

    October has gone by and so here is another quick update on how my portfolio is looking, particularly after the pullback we all went through. Since my last portfolio update post I bought 81 new shares of AQN @$8.59 and with the market recovery I'v done very well with them and had my many of my other stocks gain back some of what they had lost; although my Suncor purchase is still dragging on me.

    At the end of last month my portfolio had a value of $10,949 and open profit/loss of $323.94. Since then I had added $650 to the portfolio for my AQN purchase, which means the real value of my portfolio has grown by $200, or 7.79%! My portfolios current yearly estimated dividend payout total of $576.54!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

October 2014: Income and Expenses

    After another month of working hard and keeping close track of my spending, it's time to post another income and expenses update! Altogether its been a fairly good month on both fronts with expenses lower than last months, although perhaps not as low as I would have liked considering my extra one-time purchases from last month. On a whole income was a lot higher due to there being three pay periods from my job, compared to the usual two. Dividends this month were also the highest I have had yet as well which is amazing!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

October 2014 Dividend Update!

    October went by scarily fast, and with a few market scares to boot! And not to mention Halloween frights as well, like snow fall around midnight!!! The good news is that the dividends kept on coming in on schedule and as expected, if not better! My monthly payers keep my baseline income nice and high at around $30 every month, and this time my quarterly paying companies kicked in even more! I'v also benefited this month from having bought more shares of TD which paid out this month and dividend increases from AQN and BNS. My total dividend income this month is my highest yet, with $63.54 in dividend income! That's over double last months $29.59, and $6.28 more than the previous comparable month! That money is pretty much 6 hours of minimum wage work I did not have to do at all and it feels pretty good to see my passive income stream slowly growing.

Here's my full breakdown: