Friday, 26 September 2014

September 2014 Dividend Update!

    Since I have now collect all the dividends and distribution for September it is time for another dividend update! September is slotted in with March and June where none of my previously existing quarterly paying companies sent me dividends.

    So this months income is only comprised of my monthly paying companies. So considering that, the $29.1 that landed in my account this month is pretty good! That is $27.73 more than I got last September and $10.51 more than in June, which is a comparable month. This increase between June and September is due to my purchase of Veresen(VSN), and additional shares in Pembina Pipeline (PPL) and BMO ETF (ZDV).

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Recent Buy! Mini Addition! September 2014

   Today I did a small buy with a little bit of extra money I had left over from my Suncor purchase. That little bit of left over cash with the ~$20 of dividends that some of my monthly dividend payers deposited into my account and a deposit of fresh capital of $80 on my part allowed me to buy 6 shares of the BMO Canadian Dividend ETF (ZDV).

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Recent Buy! September 2014

    Today I was able to add another solid Canadian dividend paying company to my portfolio. I pulled the trigger and bought 20 shares of Suncor (SU) for $43.10. This adds $22.40 to my yearly dividend income, at a yield of %2.6 and represents 7% of my portfolio. As I explained in my recent watchlist post, Suncor is Canada's largest energy company with a market capitalization of over 63 billion!

    I feel pretty good about this buy, since I was working today and not much access to my brokerage

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Next Buy Watchlist: Sept. 2014

    So in August I wasn't able to make any new investments, but this month I will be making an investment and so I have a few companies I am keeping my eye on. Last time I bought more shares of Toronto Dominion Bank (TD), which I am quite happy about since its gone from $55.50 to $57.48 today. Although that does mean it will be more expensive to buy more shares of it in the future.

    For the moment I want to further diversify my holdings and not add to any current positions so my watchlist will not have any of my current holdings; although if a very good opportunity occurs then I might add to a current position. The main one I would be looking to add to is AQN with the aim of having enough shares to DRIP two shares a quarter, as I really like this renewable energy company.

    So my current watchlist includes: Suncor, Manulife, Roger's and REITs