Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Next Buy Watchlist: February 2015

    I should be having money to invest within the upcoming weeks, so it is time to compile my watchlist of stocks that I am interested in! There are quite a few on my radar at the moment which I will be tracking and keep a closer eye on. For the most part I am mainly interested to adding to, and building up my current positions with an overarching goal of getting them to have payouts big enough to start a Dividend Re-Investment Plan. There are also some companies which I might start a new position in as well. And definitely some of these are familiar names from previous Watchlists.

    The main sectors/components of my portfolio that I want to build up are Financials, Telecoms, REITs and Consumer products, as well as selective Energy companies. I do eventually want to build up positions in Resources/Industrials, Healthcare, Technology and Transportation, but those areas I think I will leave for outside of my TFSA. I am also hesitant to enter into those areas as I do not currently have a lot of knowledge of them and their product/company life cycles.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

January 2015: Income & Expenses

Savings rate of 25.7%
    The month of January has most certainly come to an end, and I was very happy to recently post about my new dividend record! That record helped to keep my income for the month up and my savings rate as well, those dividends equaled 5.1% of my income for the month! Its pretty amazing to see the progress that my modest portfolio has begun. With $53.94 more in dividends than last year, I am eager to see it continuing to grow and pump out the dividends.

   I am also very happy with myself on keeping expenses down quite a bit this month, especially compared to Decembers heavy spending.