Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blog Pan: Update 3

   Hi everyone! I'v been fairly busy the last few weeks and have been trying to work on a few articles/posts. This weekend I hope to have a new Recent Buy post done as I initiated a new position from my last watchlist. I am also working on a couple articles, one on the benefits of and why I have my portfolio in a Tax Free Savings Account(TFSA) and using Dividend Re-Investment Plants (DRIP's). Both of those are fairly close to being done, but need some final touches and some more research, TFSA facts can be a bit hard to nail down definitively, and the wording on the Canada Revenue Agencies website is not always clear...

    From my last blog plan, I would like to follow though on the second part of the Excel tutorial, which considering I have also started using Google Document/Spread will try to incorporate them together. Many of the formula's are the same, or at least very similar in execution. Google Spreadsheets also have some great benefits such as being able to have updated stock ticker info :)

    Following up on the previous outlines on what I would like to do, so far I am quite happy on my current formatting of posts, more detailed and concise Income and Expense tracking. This month I was able to make a purchase again, but I would still like to do a review of my previous watch list companies to track their performance and reminisce over 'what might have been', perhaps in a similar format to how Business News Network (BNN) shows its guest speakers past picks results.

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