Sunday, 14 June 2015

Portfolio Update: As of June 1

    Just a quick update on the status of my portfolio as of the beginning of June. Since my last update at the start of April I have since added to PPL and D.UN. The value of my portfolio from the April 6th update to June 1st has risen by $3,121. Which is in part to additional contributions on my part, as well as some gains in the stock prices. Unfounately since the June 1st my portfolio and the TSX in general has been down a fair bit. On the flip side of course is some of my core positions; banks, reits and pipelines are on a 'discount'!

CompanyTickerSharesCurrent PriceBook ValueMarket Value% P/LEst. Yearly Div'sPortfolio %
Algonquin PowerTSE:AQN370$9.65$3,181$3,57112.24%$144.6712%
Bank of Nova ScotiaTSE:BNS46$65.88$2,901$3,0304.46%$125.1210%
BMO Cdn. Div ETFTSE:ZDV45$17.14$816$771-5.53%$23.763%
Dream REITTSE:D.UN119$26.03$3,279$3,098-5.54%$190.7411%
RioCan REITTSE:REI.UN80$28.01$2,278$2,241-1.63%$112.808%
Ntl. Bank of CanadaTSE:NA6$48.69$267$2929.42%$12.001%
Pembina PipelineTSE:PPL70$40.12$2,893$2,808-2.92%$40.0210%
Pizza Pizza Corp.TSE:PZA140$14.18$1,970$1,9850.77%$112.067%
Royal Bank of CanadaTSE:RY40$78.83$2,998$3,1535.18%$123.2011%
Toronto Dominion BankTSE:TD44$54.20$2,348$2,3851.57%$89.768%



Current Return1.93%

Weighted Avg4.39%


  1. Hey DW,

    Looking good man. Nice bit of diversification here with no positions going over 15%. Keep it up!

    Best regards

    1. Thanks! The diversification bit gets easier the more/longer you invest as you get the cash to buy into more positions. I try to keep a bit of sector diversification, but I am pretty heavy in Financials, REITS and Energy; in particular oil/oil related businesses via the pipelines.

      Thanks for stopping by again!

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