Friday, 5 December 2014

Started up on Twitter

    Just a quick post to mention that I'v now started up a twitter account based on my blog here. As I mentioned in my last blog plan update, I have been pretty busy and unable to post more article/in depth posts than I would like so to help combat that and be more active I will be using Twitter for quick thoughts on how the markets are doing, how stocks on my watchlist are performing and my shortlists for probably buys. Perhaps also a "I wish I had the cash to buy this" kind of thingAlso might be a bit more user friendly for conversations and the like. So if you like my content here feel free to come find me and follow me @Dividend_Wisp on Twitter.  :)

    Yikes, that was way above 140characters!


  1. Cool deal. I have started with twitter from the beginning. Never got on facebook though. I think twitter meets my needs. Look forward to your updates.

  2. Welcome to the Twittersphere. Added you.


  3. Thanks guys :) So far I like it, feels a bit more chatty :)