Monday, 22 December 2014

Next Buy Watch(wish)list: December 2014

    So we are now mid way through December and the markets have been swinging all over the place. And since I wont have any extra cash to invest in a stock purchase this month, instead I am posting my current group of stocks on my watchlist, but its Christmas time and so its a bit more of a 'wish'-list. So in the spirit of a wishlist, I will be including some of the stocks I would have bought when they dropped down over the last week or so, or would still love to buy at their current valuations and not necessarily in line with my current portfolio sector weighting either. If only, if only!

So here is my Watchlist/Wish-list:
- Suncor (SU) when it was trading as low as $31.19 on Dec 15th, now at $36.1  [Wish]
- Toronto Dominion (TD) went as low as $51.54 on Dec 19th, now back up at $54 [Want]
- Telus (T) was at a very tempting $40 on Nov 24th, although helped by distributing a div [Want]
- Pembina Pipeline (PPL) dropped three times in the last month to the $36 range, I'd be thrilled to average down at that price! Now trading at $40.35 [Wish]
- Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) was down to as low as $63.16, now back up a bit at $65.08 [Want]
- Cineplex (CGX) traded at a somewhat tempting $43 on Dec 5th [Wish]

    So far in my previous watchlists I have mentioned Canadian TSX listed stocks, since my portfolio is only Canadian companies within my TFSA. However, I do follow some U.S stocks/U.S listed stocks since I run a couple USD portfolios on Investopedia. I don't track them nearly as closely as I do my main watchlist stocks, but they are ones I'v heard good things about and after some brief research like the looks of and would research further for when I do start a USD account in the future.

U.S. Stocks Wish-List:
- Coca Cola (KO)
- Pepsico (PEP)
-Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
- Proctor & Gamble (PG)
- Clorox (CLX)
- Pfizer Inc (PFE)
- Vangaurd Total US Market Fund (VTI)

    As you may notice, my US wish list isn't all that big at the moment and is also fairly narrow on the type of companies. This is primarily due to the fact that I haven't found too many large Canadian consumer goods companies as of yet. American stock markets however have a large selection of those kind of companies which I will someday use to round out my sector weightings for my overall portfolio. There are many other good companies I would like in the Energy and Financial sectors, but for the moment at least their Canadian counterparts are doing just fine for me.

   Anyone else have some good suggestions, similar stocks they like or any they wish they could have bought during all the volatility this November and December?

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