Monday, 4 January 2016

Portfolio Update: January 1st, 2016

    It is the beginning of the new year and so here is an updated snapshot of my portfolio as of January 1st, 2016. 2015 was a rough year for the TSX and my portfolios stocks for the most part ended down for the year. However, I have made great progress in growing my dividend income, and buying addition shares in my positions at lower prices.

CompanyTickerSharesBook PriceCurrent PriceMarket ValueDividendYearly DividendsPortfolio %
Algonquin PowerTSE:AQN370$8.60$10.91$4,036.70$0.12$179.0814%
Bank of Nova ScotiaTSE:BNS58$63.33$55.97$3,246.26$0.70$162.4012%
Dream REITTSE:D.UN164$25.19$17.37$2,848.68$0.56$367.3610%
Manulife FinancialTSE:MFC42$20.38$20.74$871.08$0.17$28.563%
Ntl. Bank of CanadaTSE:NA6$44.50$40.31$241.86$0.52$12.481%
Pembina PipelineTSE:PPL70$41.37$30.15$2,110.50$0.46$128.108%
Pizza Pizza Corp.TSE:PZA140$14.07$13.65$1,911.00$0.20$114.247%
RioCan REITTSE:REI.UN80$28.48$23.69$1,895.20$0.35$112.807%
Royal Bank of CanadaTSE:RY40$74.95$74.15$2,966.00$0.79$126.4011%
Toronto Dominion BankTSE:TD44$53.38$54.24$2,386.56$0.51$89.769%

Total Portfolio Value
Annual Dividends


    At the end of last year, December 22 2014 my portfolio had a market value of $11,870.49 which was basically at its break even point. At that time my projected yearly dividends stood at $608.63 and I received $344.76 in dividends that year.

    Since then I have grown my portfolio by about $16,080 and projected yearly dividends by about $1,063! And in 2015 I received a total of $1,229.69 in dividend income!

    So, even though January 2016 has already started off a bit roughly since the putting together of this update, I am looking forward to an interesting year of buying opportunities and hopefully some stock price appreciation. Either way, I intend to continue building up my dividend income stream, as well as holding onto all my positions unless an actionable event takes place.

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