Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Goals in Review

    This year has felt as if it zoomed by, and even though the year is just about gone I am very happy with the progress I have been able to make. With continuing to work on this blog (and Twitter), building my portfolio and at long last starting a career in banking!

Here is a recap of my 2015 goals.
1)  $1,200 in yearly estimated dividend income.
2) Achieve a savings rate of 40% or higher.                              
3) Regular posting of update and informative articles(1-3) month.   
4) Complete partially finished 2014 articles!
5) Thank you to all my readers, regular and new!
1)  $1,200 in yearly estimated dividend income. - 100% Completed
    I am very proud to be able to report that not only is my current annual estimated income now sitting at $1,688.56, but I also received $1,229.69 in dividend income for 2015! Beating my estimated dividend income target with actual dividends received! And surpassing that estimated dividend income by 141%! Not to mention those dividends are almost equal to a 2015 month of work income, and would have been able to cover one full month of 2015 expenses.

2) Achieve a savings rate of 40% or higher. - 73% Completed, savings rate of 28%

    I had given myself a very ambitious savings rate for 2015. I had hoped that between my general frugality and getting a new job early in the year that I would be able to achieve the 40% target, however I fell short this year. I did manage to achieve a savings rate of 29% though at a Barista's wage. I did though start a new job late November as a CSR at a big Canadian bank, so I think that I should be able to make the 2015 target in 2016 so long as I keep my spending in check.

3) Regular posting of update and informative articles(1-3) month. - 80% Completed

    While I have been pretty consistent on posting my Dividend, Income & Expenses and Watchlist posts. I feel that I have fallen behind on the other kind of posts that I like to write, and could have written more. For instance I have a Qtrade review that has been mostly done for quite some time, but I have not had the time or inspiration to wrap it up. I also want to write a short explanation/how to guide on how I use Google Spreadsheets for my Watchlist stocks.

4) Complete partially finished 2014 articles. - 35% Completed

    This goal certainly fell to the wayside a bit, similar to the previous goal. Where I just either did not have enough free time to sit down and write properly. I am giving myself a low completion score because I only ended up writing, or finishing a couple of the topics that I had wanted to from 2014.

5) Thank you to all my readers, regular and new! - Pending

    Finally, I would once again like to thank you, all my reads and commenters for stopping by to read my blog. It is awesome to be able to share my journey with other like minded people, and to see how they are progressing on their journey towards a similar end, freedom! I used to post more on your blogs, and I will be making a renewed effort in 2016 to do so more again. I have been using Twitter more often these days to follow other blogs. Thank you status - Complete!

    So one last thank you, and happy new year!


  1. Nice work! Earning an extra month worth of pay (without the work) has got to be a great feeling. Keep it up and Happy New Years!


    1. Its a cool feeling to see it all at the end of the year, rather than the month by month amounts that come in. Anything over $100 a month is sweet though! Will certainly keep it going, and continue to build the dividend income.

      Thank you for stopping by, see you in the new year.

  2. Thanks for sharing your 2015 goals progress. Congrats on accumulating enough dividends to cover a full month of expenses! Although our annual dividends are currently higher, because our expenses are higher given that we live in CA, we don't even receive enough to cover a months expenses yet.

    Way to go, keep up the good work! AFFJ

    1. Thank you! It definitely helps that I have low expenses, and Toronto I would say is pretty close to the high costs of living as CA. I don't have a car or insurance payments that go with it nor any student loans, or kids to pay for so that helps a lot!

      Keep it up on your end as well, happy new year and all the best!

  3. DW

    Great you passed your 2015 dividend income goal. Hope to see soon your 2016 goals and your dividend income goal.

    Happy new year

    Sharon - Divorcedff

    1. Thanks! I am very pleased with myself for having passed my dividend income goal with actual dividends received rather than the projected yearly income that i had based it on, its pretty sweet!
      Happy new year to you as well!