Thursday, 26 March 2015

Recent Buy! March(2) 2015

    Whooo! Just got back from vacation in the last couple days, so if I'v been a bit quiet on this Blog, Twitter and reading/commenting on other blogs which you can find on my Blogroll Page. So, to kicking off coming back I deployed some more cash with another buy this month! As with my previous one, it is also from my last Watchlist.

    I once again added to my position in an already held company. Algonquin Power and Utilities is a bit of a favourite of mine. I like that it focuses heavily on renewable energy, sustainable and steady utility operations as well as cleaner burning natural gas. AQN has also been steadily growing its business portfolio, as well as its dividend! More recently though AQN ran into some media and market trouble when it announced the delaying of its fourth-quarter/year end reports, which saw the stock price drop from $10.31 to a low of $7.95. Once the report was released it showed a 67% rise in fourth-quarter earnings, which was great to hear, as well with a reassuring jump in stock price. The only sad part is I didnt have the cash available to buy in that dip! However the stock is still selling
at a relative 'discount' from its previous plateau of $10.30 at a current price of $9.47.

   I'v added to my position in AQN before already, and this is the single largest addition of new shares that I'v made with 200 new shares! Which doubles my number of shares up to 370, with an average cost of $8.59. I managed to get those 200 shares for $9.35 using a limit order to try and take advantage of the shares minor price volatility on a daily basis. Hopefully the price holds and continues to rise as well as its earnings and dividends! Speaking of dividends! This addition brings an additional $76.40 in my year dividend earnings, give or take variations in the USD and CDN exchange rates, since AQN pays out in USD. And combined with my previous shares AQN will now be powering out ~$36 a quarter!


  1. I should bought when it dipped...but hadnt completed my research on the stock. Looks like I missed out on the fire sale. I am getting closer to finishing my reserach and I really like the company. Congrats on picking it up at a good price and adding more dividend income to your stream.

    Keep it up!

    1. Yeah it got super tempting from the outset of the Q4 report delay, and more so(although worryingly) at the mention of a probe into their accounting. Happy to see you're taking an interest into them!

      Will do, and thanks for stopping by! :)