Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Recent Buy! March(1) 2015

    Today I deployed some cash towards my first purchase of shares in quite some time. I added 33 shares of Royal Bank of Canada (RY), which combined with my earlier 7 shares puts my total at 40. I got the shares at $75.35, which slightly brings my averaged cost per share up to $74.95.  The 33 new shares of RY adds an awesome $101.64 in annual dividend income to my portfolio, and $25.41 each quarter, when combined with my previous 7 shares will add $30.8 a quarter!

Some quick information on Royal Bank of Canada:
   Currently RY has a dividend yield of 4% and P/E of 12.13. I am also a fan of their EPS at $6.28, which leaves them with a nice amount of room to continue to steadily increase their dividend payout over time as they have been for ages. I am also a fan of knowing that roughly 54% of their shares are held by institutional buyers(from Google), which means that professionally managed companies and funds find RY a good company to hold. Overall I am very happy with this buy and am looking forward to adding to it again sometime in the future :)


  1. i think you made a great decision! the Canadian banking sector is well respected over here in the UK.


    1. Certainly hope so! Canadian banks do seem pretty solid overall. I'm looking forward to collecting a steadily increasing stream of dividends from them!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)