Sunday, 31 August 2014

Portfolio Update: September 1st, 2014

    So another month has passed us by already! And so here is another update on my portfolio as of the start of September. Due to moving out and the need to build up cash to pay for rent, all the little grocery items that last awhile(herbs/spices) and some necessary new home items (coffee machine/grinder/tv) I did not purchase any new shares. The result being that my portfolio has remained relatively the same; I received some nice dividends, so the cash in my brokerage account is now sitting higher, my portfolio has gained $268.17 or 2.4%! Which feels pretty good, although one must keep in mind that right at the end of July there was some market turmoil, and my portfolio dropped about 2%, so its nice to see that it recovered that and gained a bit as well. There have also been some recent dividend increases which has boosted my yearly dividend payouts from three of my stocks, you can click here for my post on them.

Note: Some errors found in this table, refer to recent portfolio post for an accurate update! Woops
CompanyTickerSharesCurrent PriceBook ValueMarket Value% P/LYearly DividendsPortfolio %
Algonquin PowerTSE:AQN89$9.05$615.29$805.4523.20%$34.007%
Bank of Nova ScotiaTSE:BNS6$72.04$393.60$432.2410.40%$15.364%
iShares 1-5yr GovBondTSE:CLF11$19.30$213.82$212.30-0.40%$7.382%
Dream REITTSE:D.UN61$29.07$1,748.70$1,773.271.00%$136.8816%
Ntl. Bank of CanadaTSE:NA6$52.31$267.00$313.869.80%$11.523%
Pembina PipelineTSE:PPL23$49.97$959.80$1,149.3114.50%$40.0210%
Pizza Pizza Corp.TSE:PZA60$13.33$810.00$799.80-1.60%$48.027%
Royal Bank of CanadaTSE:RY7$80.77$511.35$565.399.30%$21.005%
Toronto Dominion BankTSE:TD18$57.25$941.04$1,030.508.40%$33.849%
BMO Cdn. Div ETFTSE:ZDV26$18.99$476.26$493.742.00%$19.344%



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