Thursday, 7 August 2014

Blog Plan Moving Forward... 2.0!

    Hi everyone, so now that I'v had some time to put up some of the key foundation posts and pages and even my first monthly round of Dividend, Portfolio and Income/Expenses updates! Along with my first Excel Tutorial I'd like to revisit some of my past goals for moving forward.

So going forward into the next couple months I'd like to set the following Blog Goals for myself to be done by the end of September!

1) In the least the next Excel Tutorial, going into further detail the use of formula's to help track and manage your portfolio.

2) Make a detailed post on the use/my views of TFSA's/RRSP's for i) young adults like my self, ii) those nearing retirement, like my parents.  Keep in mind these will be somewhat generalized in that any strategy is not a 'one fits all' kind of deal. Specifically with different objectives, spending habits and tax consideration to bear in mind.

3) Post another watch-list update as I will hopefully have some fresh capital and dividends to reinvest for either end of August or Mid September depending on my new cash flow situation as I move out of my parents home(Yay!)

4) Possibly along side my watch-list post, or in review of it, or in-lieu of in case I don't have any fresh capital to add to my portfolio, wherein I will simply add what I have to my iShares ETF (ZDV) I will post a 'which companies I would have liked to buy' post. And then follow up on them in the next month to see where I could have been.

5) For my Income/Expenses update posts, I will be starting to record for these posts my expenses in a different manner than I do. At the moment I'v just been lumping them together, which was mostly due to not having all the information available to me. However for the month of August and moving forward I will set up some basic categories to organize the expenses and display my individual income sources as well.

6) Continue working on a cleaner and consistent formatting structure for my posts. I feel it's been getting better already as I write more and create templates for these posts.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my posts! And please feel free to comment and chat, I'm always happy to chat with fellow investors!

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