Thursday, 7 August 2014

Portfolio Update: August 1st, 2014

    So another month has pasted by us already, so I am once again posting an update to my portfolio! I like to do this as a way of keeping track of the changes in my portfolio, as its fairly hard (or at least unwieldy) to do so in excel. To show how the stock prices have changed month to month and to try and compare how new additions are performing.

    In July I added 10 shares of Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) at $55.5 a share, totaling $550 + $4.95
commission. I did this through only adding an additional $510 of fresh capital, drawing on some residual cash left over from the previous month and some of the $57.26  dividends I'd already received that month. I love putting my dividends to work for me making more dividends!

    At the end of July, on the 31st/1st of August the TSX dipped a percent and a bit each day. On the close of the 30th my open gain/loss was ~$730, my highest yet which was pretty cool. The upside here is that my newest purchase TD is still above what i bought it which feels good emotionally. However, its not my emotions that do the investing, I base my purchases on good old research! Even if TD had dropped by 10% for no other reason than a market correction or fears I would still have held onto them as they are a money making, dividend raising machine! Also these stocks going down in price just means that we investors who are in it for the long haul can stretch our money into buying an extra share of two of a high quality companies we probably would have bought anyways.

    In a side note, you may have noticed that this is a different table than I previous used, I created this one specifically for this type of update post. I felt the old one which I took pretty much straight from the Excel sheet I use was difficult to use and unless you, the amazing viewer were using a widescreen monitor it may have distorted the page a bit. Also it was annoying for me to try and resize the thing over and over. Hopefully this works better and looks a bit sharper as well!

Happy investing! Don't forget to research!


  1. Great excel sheet. How do you the book value?

  2. Hello Trader and thanks for stopping by. This sheet is a condensed version of the full worksheet that I keep and I left the per share price out, otherwise the table gets very long and might be hard for people to view who have smaller screens. My book value is simply the per cost of each share multiplied by the number of shares and same goes for the market values. If you are interested in learning a bit more, I did a how to post here: