Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Recent Dividend Increases

   Over the past few months a few of the companies that I follow and hold have raised their dividends. I am as always very happy to be the beneficiary of these free 'raises' for holding the stocks.

The following stocks raised their dividends: PPL, AQN, PZA, MFC

Pembina Pipeline Corp (PPL)

    Pembina very recently raised its monthly dividend by 5.2%, from $.145 to $.1525. Which works out to another 9 cents per year per share. Which being a monthly payer, I will receive an additional $.17 from my 23 shares, or $2.07 a year. And every little bit helps to be sure, that $.17 would take about 3 shares of my ETF holding ZDV.

Algonquin Power & Utilties (AQN)

    Announced a very good dividend increase of 10%, resulting in an additional $US.035 per share per year. For a total of $US .385 per share now, combined with a lower Canadian Dollar it roughly works out to almost another .05cent a year. With my 370 shares, this increase roughly gains me $12.95 US per year, or $15.50 Canadian!

Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp. (PZA)

    PZA announced a very modest increases to their monthly dividend of 1.9%, from $.0667 to $.068, or $.8004 to $.816 per year. Certainly not a lot, but its still more than before and there could very well be another raise by the end of the year. With my 140 shares, this increase represents another $2.19 per year for me. That's almost a slice of pizza!

Manulife Financial (MFC)

    Hiked their dividend by 10% on May 7th from $.155 to $.17 per quarter, which continues MFC's history of raising their dividend since before the financial crisis where they had to cut it in half. Historically, MFC has been good with continually raises their dividend over time, so hopefully this trend continues.

National Bank (NA)

    NA has not yet announced a dividend increase this year, although they did back in December, they did however announce the buying back of 6 million outstanding shares for cancellation, which should help to boost their EPS and Free cash flow. So perhaps that will translate into another increase later in the year.

    There have been quite a few other dividend increases from other companies that I have seen other bloggers post about, here are some places to start: Roadmap2Retire, DivHut, MyOwnAdvisor and MonthlyDividends to name a handful as well as those on my BlogRoll. Feel free to leave a comment if you would like to be added to it.


  1. Congrats on the dividend raises, DW. Missed the announcement from AQN.


    1. Thanks, always feels good to get a raise :)

  2. NA dividend increase would be awesome! ;-) Just loving this stock.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. I certainly wouldn't mind, even with it being a small position for me. Its done quite well.

      Thanks for stopping by!