Friday, 23 December 2016

Recent(ish) Buy: Algonquin Power & Utilities

    In November I  made a small stock purchase, adding to an existing position in my portfolio. Using a market limit order, I bought 56 shares of Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN) at the price of $10.94 per share. I continue to hold, buy and build up my position in this company as it has proven to continue to grow its operations, revenue and dividend over the past few years.

    At the time of buying, the dividend of AQN was US$0.1059, with the CAD equivalent of $0.1344 for a dividend yield of 5.1%. The 56 new shares will provide an approximate boost to my passive income of $7.71 per quarter, and $30.85 per year, depending on the foreign exchange rate between the Canadian and American dollars.

    I now own a total of 520 shares of AQN which payout about $70 per quarter, and $280 a year. The company continues to be my largest single holding within my portfolio, with a current portfolio weighting on 14.56%. Which is in part due to my adding to the position, and the companies strong performance over the past few years that I have held it, with my overall AQN holdings being up 24%.

    My 520 AQN shares now have an average cost basis of $9.23 from the previous $9.02. And at the time of posting the stock is currently trading at $11.44.

    And in some recent good news, AQN is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker AQN, as well as its current Toronto Stock Exchange listing where I buy my shares from. Which means any Americans who would like to buy the company and not deal with the FX of buying in a CAD account while receiving USD dividends are now able to avoid that!

About Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.
APUC is a $5.0 billion North American diversified generation, transmission and distribution utility. The distribution business group provides rate regulated water, electricity and natural gas utility services to over 564,000 customers in the United States. The generation business group owns a portfolio of North American based contracted wind, solar, hydroelectric and natural gas powered generating facilities representing more than 1,300 MW of installed capacity. The transmission business group invests in rate regulated electric transmission and natural gas pipeline systems in the United States and Canada. APUC delivers continuing growth through an expanding pipeline of renewable energy development projects, organic growth within its regulated distribution and transmission businesses, and the pursuit of accretive acquisitions. Common shares, preferred shares, and installment receipts are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols AQN, AQN.PR.A, AQN.PR.D, and AQN.IR.
Visit APUC at and follow us on Twitter @AQN_Utilities.
SOURCE Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.


  1. 520 shares?! Nice...that should give you a nice chunk of shares to DRIP each quarter. Nice purchase price I think.


    1. Yup! I'v been building up the position over the past three years or so. Currently not DRIPing. At the moment I use the dividends to help make new purchases when I have spare cash to add to the portfolio.

  2. Nice job, buy on a limit order. I just bought 250 shares of AQN last week. Happy to be a fellow shareholder.

    1. Nice! I tend to use limit orders due to not having/wanting to pay for live data. So i start low and slow increase the bid, or leave it at a lower price then the current 15min delayed price to see if i can buy lower if the price fluctuates some. Evey penny counts right!