Thursday, 21 April 2016

Belated Recent Buy! From February 2016

    This post has been put off for quite awhile! Sometimes it is hard to believe just how fast time is able to fly by us. I made this purchase at the end of February on the 29th, a happy leap year buy! This buy in particular was on the smaller side of my trades and a good portion of the capital was from accumulated dividends since I had not made any purchases in quite some time.

    At the time all three of my larger bank positions were down (TD, BNS, RY) quite a bit and I decided to take advantage of it. I choose TD Canada Trust primarily for two reasons: One being their growing presence in the United States, and secondly to balance out those banks positions within my portfolio.

    Had I purchased more of the Bank of Nova Scotia it would have been disproportionately larger than the other two, and BNS is still my largest bank holding. After this purcahse TD and RY are at about the same amount, with TD slightly higher.

    Now for the details! I bought my 14 new shares of TD for $50.13, at a dividend yield of 4.07% which added $28.56 to my annual dividend income, and $7.14 per quarter. I currently now have a total of 58 shares at a new average cost of $52.59, from my previous average cost of $53.38. I am also very happy to see that the stock is now trading at around $56!


  1. Cannot go wrong buying up Canadian banks right now. Nice job.

    1. Yeah, they really dipped a month or so ago. Even still they are all yielding around the 4% mark and doing well. Hoping for some more dividend raises!