Friday, 3 October 2014

Portfolio Update: October 3rd 2014

    It is time once again to update my portfolio. Its been an interesting month with the additional of a new company my portfolio has grown just a little bit more and my overall dividend income along with it! Suncor is now my 13th position and 11th company that I now own shares of, I also added 6 shares of the exchange traded fund, ZDV which adds about $.36 in dividend income a month :)

    Unfortunately the market has been on a bit of a down turn this month so my total portfolio value took a bit of a hit as well. Particularly my new Suncor purchase is down 7.54% as the prices of oil has been softening, either way I can't wait to see its first dividend payout hit my account! The upside is that many great companies are now looking very reasonably priced compared to August and September and I'll have a new watchlist up in the next week or so.

    Since my last portfolio post I noticed that some of the formula's were not carried over well from Excel to Google Drive... so there were some errors, I have now made a dedicated table for use on the blog. I have also added a bit more information in, such as; portfolio return before and after dividends are applied and the yearly expected dividends the portfolio should turn out and the dividend total I have received for the year.

CompanyTickerSharesCurrent PriceBook ValueMarket Value% P/LYearly DividendsPortfolio %
Algonquin PowerTSE:AQN89$8.79$615.29$782.3127.14%$34.007%
Bank of Nova ScotiaTSE:BNS6$68.54$393.60$411.244.48%$15.364%
BMO Cdn. Div ETFTSE:ZDV32$18.06$588.70$577.92-1.83%$23.815%
Dream REITTSE:D.UN61$27.75$1,748.70$1,692.75-3.20%$136.8815%
iShares 1-5yr GovBondTSE:CLF11$19.24$213.82$211.64-1.02%$7.382%
Ntl. Bank of CanadaTSE:NA6$50.81$267.00$304.8614.18%$11.523%
Pembina PipelineTSE:PPL23$46.63$959.80$1,072.4911.74%$40.0210%
Pizza Pizza Corp.TSE:PZA60$13.39$810.00$803.40-0.81%$48.027%
Royal Bank of CanadaTSE:RY7$80.02$511.35$560.149.54%$21.005%
Toronto Dominion BankTSE:TD18$54.14$941.04$974.523.56%$33.849%

Total Yearly Dividends$544.06

2014 Div's Recieved253.34
Questrade Cash




Current Return3.05%

Total Return5.43%

     At the end of last month my portfolio had a market value of $10,414 and the end of this month the value is $10,949. With that increase due to additional capital being added as my market gains on investments eroded from +$779.55 to +$323.94.


  1. Thanks for sharing your recent portfolio update with us. While a few names we share such as TD, BNS and RY there are some other companies I am not familiar with at all. That's a good thing. I always enjoy looking at other portfolios to see what other dividend stocks may make good choices for my portfolio.

  2. Just curious as to why you would choose to own small positions in four different Canadian bank stocks as opposed to just choosing one and making a single purchase? The banks do have some slight differences in terms percentage of Canadian/US/other business etc, but I would think that they are extremely highly correlated, and after a long period of 10-15 years, I would guess they will all perform similarly. I personally would rather just choose the one I like best and purchase it in a larger volume - less transaction fees etc. In time, if you decided you needed additional funds in financial stocks, you could choose another at that time. Not saying my way is right or better, I just don't understand the reason for small positions in similar companies. Let me know what your philosophy was around this. Thanks

  3. @DivHut Always happy to share. I do quite enjoy seeing other peoples portfolios and dividend updates and seeing the same great companies I have paying them as well, or companies that I am watching. And then also getting a view of other great companies in action!

    @Anon I have a few reasons for having positions in several of the banks. First being as you mentioned they do have some differences in where they do business. For example TD has been expanding rapidly into the US, Scotia has more presence in the Caribbean and abroad in general than the other banks. Royal Bank is simply the biggest of the Canadian banks and is very well diversified, it also suffered a bit more heavily in the US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. Those three big ones like you say, probably will have very little difference between them in the long term, but you never know what might happen, and they all have some different advantages. National Bank is a bit more of an outlier there, and perhaps I should not have gone into that one, but as a smaller bank there is room to grow.

    The other reason I am a bit more spread out is that when I first opened my account I had 10 free trades and only very limited money of about $1400 to start with, and since the free trades are only good for the first 3 months I decided to start out diversifying a bit more broadly to get a feel for the investments I liked. Since then I have added to positions that have performed well and that I think will continue to do so. I'v also sold some positions as well.

    Hopefully that helps to answer your Q about it.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Heh, you're the first blogger I've seen who doesn't share a single holding with me! Definitely not a bad thing though. I used to own BNS, and knowing what I do about the others on your list I recognize, you have the makings of a great portfolio!

  5. @DD Thanks for stopping by and taking a look :) Yup, looks like we share none of the same at the moment, although in the future I would like to get some KO and JNJ when I start up a USD account. For now though I'm sticking with domestic Canadian stocks as I hold them in our Tax Free Savings Account, no taxes on dividends, distributions or capital gains!